British Sign Language (BSL) is the language of Britain’s deaf community. It is made up of a huge number of signs and has it’s own grammar, which differs from spoken English. BSL constantly evolves and has regional differences.

Sign Supported English (SSE) uses signs from BSL and natural gestures, to a greater or lesser extent, alongside fully grammatical speech. Using sign in this way promotes communication and can support a child or young person in accessing language, providing a visual clue to scaffold the spoken word. Additionally the use of sign by a child or young person with speech and language difficulties, or who is pre-verbal, can support them in making themselves understood.

Sarah believes from her experience in teaching hearing babies and toddlers, that sign can benefit the development of speech and language skills for all youngsters.

Sarah promotes the use of BSL signs alongside speech, but encourages flexibility and initiative in finding, inventing and using signs which work for you..